Accessories with a unique drawing of your favorite - send a picture, we will draw your pet, and it will always be with you in the form of a necklace or key chain.

100% unique • Waterproof products • stainless steel accessories

  • Upload your favorite picture of your Beloved, the photo that fills you with happiness just by looking at it!

  • We draw your pet's face using a unique line drawing technique. Each pet receives a 100% unique graphic based on the picture sent!

  • Whether it's a necklace or a key ring, each of our products is made with love and care, just the way you treat your Favorite!

ÚJ TERMÉK - Biléta Kedvenced rajzával

Küldj egy képet és mi megrajzoljuk Kedvenced jellemző fülecskéjét nevével együtt! Nemesacél bilétáink arany és ezüst színben is kaphatóak!

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To whom do we recommend My Favorites accessories?

  • For owners - who always want to carry their favorite pet close to their heart
  • for ex-owners - who are already far away, in another world, keeping their Favorites and want to make a lasting memory of their life together
  • For business friends - who want to surprise their loved ones with a super personal gift
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By shopping at your favorite store, you are supporting a local small business!

We prepare all orders individually in Budapest and deliver nationwide to any locality to your new Favorites

Why My Favorites accessories?

  • Its material is stainless steel - to be your companion for a long time
  • Waterproof - you can take a bath or exercise with it
  • 100% unique - each pet is drawn individually, so no two accessories are alike
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Frequently asked Questions

What animals can I send a picture of?

Your favorite can be not just a dog or a cat, but any animal! Our goal is to capture your beloved pet for you, no matter what kind of pet it is.

What should the uploaded image look like?

The face of your Favorite should be as high-resolution as possible and clearly visible in the picture you upload. Similar to the photos above!

How long does it take to make the product?

Since we are a company, we ask for your patience for a few days, we can prepare your selected product in approximately 10-14 working days.

How durable are the products?

All our products are 100% stainless steel, so you can carry your favorite with you forever.

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